Business Development

ERB’s Business Development Department is dedicated to providing their clients with the opportunity to benefit from ERB’s partners vast network of business connections in order to optimally promote their business activities.

We believe that the role of the CFO in a high-tech company is extremely crucial to the company and thus our clients profit from years of experience, substantial technical and business knowledge and from a vast valuable network of connections with industry leading entrepreneurs, investment funds, private investors and global funding sources.

The added value and relevant contacts are already presented to each and every client at the introductory meeting stage and we strive to create value for every company we meet with – a link to strategic clients, evaluation of the business plan and its applicability, a connection to key people able to promote the company’s interests, etc.

Once the company has joined ERB’s financial client base, the Business Development Department will conduct a thorough study of the company’s needs and will assist in the following tasks:

  • Constructing models and business strategy
  • Building companies budget (i.e.: comparing Budget vs. Actual for thousands of clients)
  • Designing fundraising models and reviewing investment agreements.
  • Assembling a list of potential investors and guiding the company through all stages of the fundraising process up to closing

We are also able to assist mature companies in their business development efforts by connecting them with the leading, most experienced companies in the business development field and aiding in accessing US, European and Eastern markets.

Thanks to ERB’s relative size and the considerable size of our client base, we enjoy preferred terms with a wide range of service providers to tech companies in a variety of fields. We see the role of the CFO as a crucial factor in the relationship between the company and supplier and thus our clients are able to benefit from these preferred terms in a wide range of operational necessities.

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