CFO Services

The CFO is responsible for creating the strategic operating plan and overseeing its implementation. From dynamic revenue modeling to project financing, to OCS and option planning issues, ERB’s CFOs’ put the best practices in place to smoothly, efficiently and successfully propel the business of each company forward.

ERB’s CFOs’ have expertise in working with startup companies starting from seed all the way to maturity and support the company’s growth and lead teams of the highest quality.

Our CFO services package includes:

  • Long-term financial planning
  • Setting up financial processes
  • Creating a business plan
  • Budget set up
  • Building a “cuts and restructuring” program
  • Financial implementation of strategic plans
  • Profit and revenue models
  • Global tax planning and management
  • Incentives and compensations planning for employees
  • Investor Relations Management and representation before Board

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